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Dec 30th, 2012 - [27]
Hello dear readers, this is Isabel. First off, I would like to thank everyone who has stuck around with the series for the past just-shy-of-two years. There really hasn't been much posted here, but thank you for reading what was posted. Unfortunately this update won't be a fun one. I have decided that these series will be put on hiatus indefinitely.

So what exactly went wrong with these series? A lot of things... the original plan was going to be: start by setting the world up with comic-style pages; once that was done switch over to 4-panel updates, which would be a lot less work since they would have a lot less detail.

That's when the problems started to arise... at first I wasn't happy with the script and kept changing and rechanging things. Then I started to not like things that were already in published scripts. This could have been fixed afterwards, but they were major parts of the story line, changing them now would only confuse people (assuming they remembered what was going on in the story between the long updates). All this made my original goals with the comic more and more muddied.

That brings up to the other issue: the spotty updating schedule. Now if you read any of my other two comics (Namir Deiter and You Say it First), you'll see that even they were/are having some pretty big update hiccups. Those ranged in reason to some major computer issues to just plain (using the word rather loosely) artist depression.

Namir Deiter and You Say it First have always been the first priority for me when it comes to updates. If I had the time- and the creative energy- I would work on 100% Cat... which was a big problem considering it took me many, many hours to work on them. Sometimes one comic would take me an entire seven hour plus work day to do. Now something like this wouldn't be such a big issue if I had the energy and motivation to work on it, but I really didn't. Over the years I have become more and more discouraged and unconfident in my abilities to do comics. And 100% Cat wasn't helping with that.

So between lack of time and lack of motivation and creativity- the times when I did work on the comic, I found myself becoming more and more disenchanted with the characters and story. And if I don't care about them, how the hell am I supposed to make anyone feel otherwise about them??

Will I ever try working on 100% Cat? Well... they say never say never, but at this point of time, I would have to say no. If I do decide to ever start up comics again, I will have to wait till I feel I can put 100% of myself into it.... and it's better to start fresh and leave all the negativity in 2012.

I'm sorry to have to write this at all... it's really difficult for me to do this. I feel like I've let everyone down, you the readers, the characters and myself. I really should have thrown in the towel on this series a long time ago, and I'm sorry for that. Just know that was not a decision I made lightly.

Thank you to any of you who read this. I only heard from a handful of people about the series, but I appreciate the kind words that I did hear, and will take the criticisms with as much grace as I have (which is more or less the same as a 10-year-old's, but hey, it's a start) and keep it in mind for future endeavors.

If you enjoyed 100% Cat, why not check out Namir Deiter and You Say it First? At least one of those will still be around in 2013. ND Unlimited RSS v2.0

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100% Cat News

01.14.2019 - Terrence Marks:
What have we been up to last weekend? Anime Los Angeles again. What have we been up to today? Trying to get the water heater to heat water.

The pilot light won't re-light and it's just been a hassle. We're getting it taken care of, but it's cold showers in the meantime. So things have been an uncomfortable hassle since we got back. I don't have anything enlightening or amusing to say about this.

ALA was nice, though. For reasons, we couldn't be in the house for a few days and figured we'd have fun during our enforced weekend vacation. This has taught us that "Can't go home" isn't nearly as enjoyable as "Won't go home", regardless of the circumstances.

We found some new stuff, like the Cosplay Wrestling Federation, which features folks in costume cutting promos at each other. There was no actual wrestling involved. I'm ok with that since the wrestling is kinda my least favorite part of the wrestling. If you wanted to see Lupin III, Skeletor, Mario, and Waluigi yelling about how they're going to beat each other up, then that's exactly what this is.

Back when we first went to anime conventions, you'd go watch shows because you might not get a chance to see Azusa Will Help! ever again if you skipped it. Now, just about everything they play is the same stuff I could watch for free on Crunchyroll from the comfort of my home.

Last year, we made Year of the Cat ribbons. This year will be the Year of the Pig, so we made that ribbon and asked people who their favorite anime pig was. (Last year was Year of the Dog; there is no Year of the Cat in the Chinese Zodiac. This is a plot point in Fruits Basket, wherein the lead character renounced her original zodiac year [dog] and declared herself to be a cat, zodiac-wise). Spider-Ham was quite popular, as was Hawk from Seven Deadly Sins. There's enough anime out there that if you made up a series and said there was a pig, I'd have to trust you.

Year of the Cat was still popular; Fruits Basket looks to have legs. We tried asking people their favorite anime cats before we switched to just asking for cat pictures. Y'see, that way we get to see pictures of peoples' cats. We'll probably re-print that ribbon for next year because cat pictures.

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